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Vehicle Valuation FAQs
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At GoodBye Car we pride ourselves on making our online vehicle valuation process quick, simple and easy but thought we'd answer some common questions related to selling your car and the online valuation process.

If your question hasn’t been answered here, feel free to contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

Seasonality – Market conditions, time of year, and demand can influence a cars value. For example, there is high demand for convertibles in summer months and high demand for SUV’s on winter months.

Previous Owners – Usually, the less owners a car has had, the higher its value.  Cars with less owners generally tend to be maintained more regularly and have a consistent driving history. Whereas, cars with a higher number of previous owners will tend to have been subject to various levels of care and a wide range of driving styles, which may negatively impact the condition of the car.

Service History – A car with a complete service history indicates that the car has been maintained regular, while a missing or incomplete service history may indicate that the car has not been maintained regularly, thus affecting the resale value.

Mileage – Mileage is an important factor when determining the value of a car, as it indicates how much wear and tear the car has been subjected to. There is generally less wear and tear on low mileage cars, therefore it is less likely that these cars will require new parts, and the less the value is likely to have depreciated.

Damage – aesthetic and structural damage can affect the value of a car as it can be expensive to repair. To ensure your quote is accurate, you can disclose any damage to your car during the online valuation process.

Optional Extras – There are several optional extras, fitted when the car was new, that can positively impact the desirability and value of your car. This can include upgraded alloys, metallic paint, built in satnav, and heated seats.

Modifications – There are modifications that can increase the value of your car. However, in most cases, modifications will likely negatively impact a cars value.

We may adjust your valuation after the inspection if we consider the car history, condition, or modifications to have any discrepancies, or if we discover something about the car that we weren’t aware of during the online valuation.

During the valuation process you will be asked to rate the condition of your vehicle from excellent to poor, and you will also have the option to disclose any damage.

A vehicle with an excellent rating is in showroom condition and requires no reconditioning, paintwork is free from scratches, chips and dents. 

A vehicle with a poor rating may have known mechanical defaults, be un-roadworthy or a non-runner. Please note that vehicles in this class may be uneconomical to appraise due to extensive damage both from a damage and mechanical perspective.

All vehicles are subject to an inspection.

Review T’s & C’s

For more information about selling a damaged car check our customer guides.

If you have a private number plate, you’ll be able to keep it by arranging to transfer the registration through the DVLA at a fee of £80. Once transferred, you will receive a new V5C document from the DVLA which you must bring to the handover.

It’s okay if you haven’t got a car to put the plate on straight away – the DVLA provides a Retention Scheme where a registration is placed on to a certificate of entitlement until the owner is ready to transfer the plate to a new car at their own convenience

We can provide a quote to settle your outstanding finance. This will be based on the outstanding finance amount, amount borrowed, length of contract agreement, date your finance agreement began, and monthly payment amount.

Please note, this quote is just an estimate and may not be the exact amount of finance you have outstanding. Once you have provided an in-date letter from your finance company that specifies exact outstanding finance details, we will take that figure into consideration on your overall total. For more information read out guide on selling a car on finance.

If you have over one month of tax remaining on your car, you can request a refund online from the DVLA.

You cannot claim back partial months, only full months, so apply for your refund as soon as possible.

We ask that your car has more than 3 months on the MOT. 

You are welcome to put your car valuation towards your next car as a part exchange. You can use your valuation towards the deposit of your next finance agreement, reducing your monthly payments. Our Sales Team will be able to further advise on a part exchange agreement.

There are no additional fees or admin fees when valuing your car through GoodBye Car. 

Vehicle documentation

V5 vehicle logbook
Service Book, Handbook, Spare Keys, Locking Wheel Nuts & Key Codes, Sat Nav Discs
MOT with more than 3 months
If there is outstanding finance, a letter from the finance company confirming their settlement figure and validity
Personal Identification

Photo Driving Licence or Passport
One of either, a Utility Bill, Bank or Credit Card Statement, Council Tax (these must be in your current address and match the address on the V5)
If you are NOT the registered keeper then we will require written authorisation from the registered keeper that you are authorised to sell the vehicle and the registered keepers photo ID
Your UK bank details and/or that of the registered keeper

Payment will be made directly to your bank account within the next available working day after the sale - please note this can take 3-5 workings to appear in your account dependent on your bank.

There is no charge for this service.

Once you've completed your online valuation, you'll be prompted to choose a location, date and time to bring your car in for a full appraisal - your appointment will be confirmed via email too.

You can also arrange a car home valuation.

Please note, there is no obligation to sell your vehicle to us at your appointment.


Find your nearest Goodbye Car location here.

Unfortunately at present we do not offer a collection service so you would need to make your own arrangements to get the car to your nearest GoodBye Car location.

Yes, if you have agreed to sell us your car then you will leave the vehicle with us - please ensure that you have made arrangements for your return journey.

To sell your vehicle to GoodBye Car, you must have been the legal owner and/or registered keeper of the vehicle for a minimum of 3 (three) months prior to the date of the valuation. 

Our car valuation service is free and has no additional costs. Simply enter your registration number and we’ll send you your quote within minutes.

If our free valuation tool cannot recognise your vehicle, please feel free to contact us with the details and we’ll look into this for you.

Yes, as well as cars we also buy vans. Simply use the free valuation tool and enter your van’s registration number, and we’ll give you a quote in minutes.