UK Movie Road Trips

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UK Movie Road Trips

When planning a road trip, you need to make sure there are plenty of sights to see along the way! Movie buffs will know some of the better-known filming locations across the country, so why not plan your road trip around iconic scenes from your favourite films?

GoodBye Car has put together a comprehensive guide to help you plan your UK movie road trip, including the film locations, the scenes that were filmed there, how many miles your trip will be, and where you can charge your EV along the way!!

From James Bond to Harry Potter and scary movies to superhero films, we’ve got the perfect route for you, no matter your preferred genre! 


Harry Potter Road Trip

Total length: 703 miles

Estimated time taken: 14 hours 33 minutes

EV Charge Stops: 5


The Harry Potter movie franchise has amassed a global fan following since the first installment, Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone, was released in 2001. This 703-mile road trip is essential for die-hard fans and wannabe witches and wizards alike. 


1. The Glenfinnan Viaduct, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Scene: The Journey to Hogwarts

Address: A830 Rd, Glenfinnan, PH37 4LT

This famous viaduct first made an appearance in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Harry and Ron found the Hogwarts Express in their flying car. It appeared once again in Prisoner of Azkaban in a scene when the dementors stop the train to search for Sirius Black and briefly appears once again in Goblet of Fire. 

With 33,100 searches for the viaduct every month, and a whopping 100,000 Instagram posts tagged there, it’s the perfect place to start your Harry Potter road trip. 


2. Alnwick Castle, England

Movie: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Scene: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Address: Alnwick NE66 1NQ

Alnwick Castle starred as the magical Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the 2001 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and the 2002 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was filmed on location at Alnwick Castle in the autumn of 2000 and is still visited by many hopeful young witches and wizards today. 


3. Durham Cathedral, Durham, England

Movie: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Scene: Professor McGonagall's classroom

Address: Durham DH1 3EH

Durham Cathedral was also used as a backdrop for Hogwarts when filming Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and the Chamber of Secrets.  

Harry, Ron, and Hermione have wandered the cathedral’s iconic arched walkway, the Cloister, on their way to lessons, while The Cloister Garth will also be familiar to dedicated fans. It’s the spot where Harry released pet owl Hedwig and where Ron’s ‘eats slugs’ curse went oh-so-wrong! The Chapter House was the setting for Professor McGonagall’s classroom although unfortunately, the space isn’t usually open to the public. 


4. King’s Cross Station, London, England

Movie: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Scene: Platform 9 ¾

Address: Euston Rd, London, N1 9AL

King’s Cross Station is the home of Platform 9 ¾, the iconic departure point of The Hogwarts Express. In reality, it’s the arched wall between platforms 4 and 5, although there is another magical attraction near the entrance to platforms 9, 10, and 11.

A trolley disappearing into the magical realm through a wall marked ‘Platform 9 ¾’ is the perfect photo opportunity. Step outside the station and you’ll see the Neo-Gothic architecture of St Pancras, which can be seen in the background as the Weasley’s flying car takes off. 


5. Divinity School, Oxford, England

Movie: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Scene: Hogwarts Infirmary

Address: Catte Street, Oxford, OX1 3BH

You’ll recognise the University of Oxford’s Divinity School as the Hogwarts Infirmary where Harry spent time recuperating during Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It was also used as the backdrop for Ron’s dance lesson with Professor McGonagall in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


6. Wye Valley & Forest of Dean, England

Movie: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Scene: Forest

Address: HR9 6DA

The Forest of Dean was used as the filming location for the forest where Harry, Ron, and Hermione hide from Lord Voldemort while searching for Horcruxes. They camp and are captured by Death Eaters all while hiding out in the Forest of Dean.

Watch out for the Death Eaters as you snap a selfie and make sure to add it to the 104,000 other Instagram posts taken at the location! 

  Miles Between Charge Remaining Address
Stop 1 147 miles 27% Hermiston Park & Ride EH14 4AT
Stop 2 111 miles 25% Grandstand Services A192 NE61 3JN
Stop 3  103 miles 29% Cluster of Nuts Car Park LS22 6JL
Stop 4 104 miles 28% McDonalds Meridian Way LE19 1WZ
Stop 5 115 miles 23% Uxbridge Supercharger UB8 1QJ
Destination 72 miles 23% HR9 6DA



James Bond Road Trip

Total length: 972 miles

Estimated time taken: 19 hours 26 minutes

EV Charge Stops: 8


If you prefer spies to wizards, our next road trip is for you. Spanning a huge 972 miles in total, it takes you to six filming locations that have all been featured in the James Bond movie franchise. A must-drive for any 007 fans.

1. Cairngorms National Park, Aviemore, Scotland

Movie: No Time to Die

Scene: Car chase on the banks of Loch Laggan

Address: PH26 3HG

What’s a Bond movie without a classic car chase scene? In the latest installment, No Time to Die, there’s an intense car chase along the banks of Loch Laggan featuring an impressive car flip. Cairngorms is the largest national park in the UK, totalling 4,500 square kilometers, providing a beautiful backdrop for your journey.

2. Dalness Lodge, Glen Coe, Scotland

Movie: Skyfall

Scene: James Bond's family estate

Address: Ballachulish, PH49 4JA

A glen of volcanic origin in the Highlands served as a backdrop for Bond’s family estate. Ian Fleming, James Bond's creator, was reportedly so impressed by Sean Connery's portrayal of his most famous character in Dr No (1962) that he gave Bond a Scottish heritage.

3. Elveden Hall, Suffolk

Movie: Skyfall

Scene: James Bond's family estate

Address: Elveden, Thetford, IP24 3TA

The interior of Suffolk’s Elveden Hall was used as the backdrop for General Pushkin’s assassination in The Living Daylights, released in 1987. Unfortunately, the hall isn’t open to the public, but the hall’s exterior is just as impressive too.

4. Vauxhall Cross SIS Building, London, England

Movie: GoldenEye

Scene: MI6 building

Address: London SE11 5AW

The Vauxhall Cross SIS building features as the M16 in several James Bond movie installments. It first appeared in GoldenEye in 1995, where we see M’s office, the Q Division workshop and several external shots. Interestingly, the building is the real headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service and is one of London’s most visited landmarks.

5. Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire, England

Movie: Goldfinger

Scene: Oddjob vs. a statue

Address: Park Road, Slough, SL2 4PJ

Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire features in two James Bond movies, Goldfinger and Tomorrow Never Dies, so it was a must for our Bond road trip. Perhaps the most memorable scene filmed at Stoke Park was when Bond’s bodyguard Oddjob decapitates a statue during a round of golf between Bond and Goldfinger. 

6. Eden Project, Cornwall, England

Movie: Die Another Day

Scene: Gustav Graves’ ice palace

Address: Bodelva, Par, PL24 2SG

The Eden Project was featured in Die Another Day, where we see the last appearance of Pierce Brosnan as Bond. It only seems fitting, then, that it’s the last stop on our Bond road trip.

It was chosen as the spot to film the interior of villain Gustav Grave’s ice palace. Halle Berry, who played Jinx Johnson, actually climbed down the real-life building for the film - although unfortunately, you won’t be able to follow suit during your visit! 

  Miles Between Charge Remaining Address
Stop 1 140 miles 30% The Real Food Cafe, FK20 8RY
Stop 2 101 miles 30% Belstane Avenue Car Park, ML12 6TW
Stop 3  112 miles 25% DCC Galgate Park, DL12 BEP
Stop 4 107 miles 27% McDonalds Markham Moor, DN22 0QU
Stop 5 106 miles 28% All Saints Road, CB8 8AX
Stop 6 27 miles 67% 4 Power Road, W4 5YT
Stop 7 115 miles 23% Mollie’s Diner Cribbs Causeway, BS10 7TL
Stop 8 100 miles 30% Whitehouse Services, EX20 1QJ
Destination  54 miles 54% charge Par, PL24 2SG


Horror Movie Road Trip

Total length: 743 miles

Estimated time taken: 14 hours 52 minutes

EV Charge Stops: 6


No plans for Halloween? Scare yourself silly with our ultimate scary movie road trip. Spanning 743 miles in total, the only question is, are you brave enough?

1. Culzean Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland

Movie: The Wicker Man

Scene: Lord Summerisle's home

Address: Maybole, KA19 8LE

The starting point of our scary movie road trip is Culzean Castle in Ayrshire Scotland, which was used as the home of Lord Summerisle in the 1973 adaptation of  The Wicker Man. Watch out though; the castle isn’t just scary on the silver screen. Rumour has it that the castle is actually haunted, with sightings of a ghostly servant girl and piper reported by unexpecting visitors!

2. Tantallon Castle, Lothian, Scotland

Movie: Under The Skin

Scene: Countryside walk

Address: EH39 5PN

The creepy scarefest Under The Skin was filmed in several locations around Scotland, including Lothian’s Tantallon Castle. The imposing presence of the ruined 14th-century castle is certain to send shivers down your spine.

3. South Bay Beach, Scarborough, England

Movie: St Maud

Scene: The shocking ending

Address: South Bay Beach

Pay close attention to the unnamed town in St Maud and if you look close enough, you’ll realise it’s none other than South Bay Beach in Scarborough. The crumbling Holbeck Cliffs were used as a backdrop, following a landslide in 1993 which took down the Holbeck Hall Hotel. Vintage amusement arcades on Foreshore Road and the bright white lighthouse of Vincent Pier also feature, adding to the overall eeriness of the movie. 

4. Westminster Bridge, London, England

Movie: 28 Days Later

Scene: Waking up scene

Address: SW1A 0AA

Westminster Bridge, Piccadilly Circus and Horse Guards Parade all feature in this post-apocalyptic horror movie. The locations are deserted in the movie as Jim awakes but they’ll likely be a lot busier during your visit! So much so, that filming had to begin as early as 4am to create the feeling of complete desertion! 

5. All Saints Church, Fulham, England

Movie: The Omen

Scene: Impaled priest

Address: SW6 3LA

Dating back to 1440, All Saints Church in Fulham has featured in 1976’s The Omen, in one particularly terrifying movie moment! The church is the backdrop for the moment a priest is impaled by a falling lightning conductor. Don’t forget to check out the nearby Bishop’s Park too, which is also featured in the movie.

6. Crickadarn Village, Wales

Movie: American Werewolf in London 

Scene: ‘Yorkshire’ village

Address: LD2 3PJ

The final stop in our spooky road trip is Crickadarn Village in Wales, which was used in American Werewolf in London to replicate a traditional Yorkshire village. The film crew added their own props and used a fake tree to cover up any Welsh road signs which would ruin the Yorkshire facade they were creating.

  Miles Between Charge Remaining Address
Stop 1 142 miles 29% Grantshouse Village Mansefield, TD11 3RN
Stop 2 118 miles 22% Lidl, North Ormesby, TS3 8AL
Stop 3 112 miles 24% Hatfields Pub & Restaurant, DN7 6JH
Stop 4 115 miles 23% Harvester Grange Park, NN4 5EZ
Stop 5 112 miles 25% M4 Services Reading (West), RG30 3UQ
Stop 6 111 miles 25% Morrisons Abergavenny, NP7 5TR
Destination 26 miles 67% Builth Wells LD2 3PJ



Superhero Road Trip

Total length: 449 miles

Estimated time taken: 10 hours 19 minutes

EV Charge Stops: 3


Regardless of whether you’re a Marvel or DC fan, our next road trip takes you through some of the most recognisable filming locations from your favourite superhero movies. It’s around 449 miles long and will take you just over 10 hours in total (assuming you’re not taking the Batmobile!)

1. St Abbs, Scotland

Movie: Avengers: Endgame

Scene: New Asgard

Address: Eyemouth, TD14 5PL

First up is St Abbs, a sleepy fishing village in Scotland which you might not initially associate with the Avengers! The village was used as the backdrop for New Asgard, Thor’s Home in Tønsberg. Make sure to take a selfie at the village sign, which reads ‘St Abbs twinned with New Asgard’ in a special nod to the movie.

2. Durham Cathedral, England

Movie: Avengers: Endgame

Scene: Old Asgard

Address: Durham, DH1 3EH

If we started at New Asgard, it only seems logical that we also visit Old Asgard on our superhero road trip. Durham Cathedral in North East England played host to some of the Asgard scenes in the Avengers: Endgame movie, notably the scene when Rocket slaps Thor out of his panic attack.

3. Dale Street, Manchester, England

Movie: Captain America: The First Avenger

Scene: Heinz Kruger crash

Address: Manchester’s Northern Quarter

Manchester’s Northern Quarter was chosen as the backdrop for the car crash scene with Heinz Kruger during Captain America: The First Avenger. The scene was filmed on Dale Street specifically, which was also where they shot the secret lab found inside the Brooklyn Antiques Shop. 

4. Wollaton Hall & Deer Park, Nottingham, England

Movie: The Dark Knight Rises

Scene: Wayne Manor

Address: Nottinghamshire, NG8 2AE

Leaving Marvel for a second, the next stop on our road trip is Wollaton Hall & Deer Park in Nottingham, although it’s perhaps better known as Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises. The hall and grounds feature throughout the movie.

The hall isn’t Nottinghamshire’s only connection to Batman though. It’s believed the 13th Century village of Gotham inspired DC Comics. 

5. Millennium Footbridge, London, England

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

Scene: Alien City bridge

Address: Thames Embankment, London

Despite its futuristic aesthetic, some of the locations featured in Guardians of the Galaxy are actually inspired by London landmarks. The Alien City skyline features a bridge that’s akin to the Millennium Footbridge, while the space-age-looking Lloyd’s Building is also included. 

6. Piccadilly Circus, London, England

Movie: Wonder Woman 1984

Scene: Max Lord broadcast

Address: W1B 5DQ

The final stop on our superhero road trip takes you to Piccadilly Circus in the heart of central London. Fans of Wonder Woman 1984 will recognise this location from the movie when Max Lord’s global broadcast reached the city. Thankfully, Wonder Woman was on hand with her Lasso of Truth to interfere with Max’s message. 

  Miles Between Charging Remaining Address
Stop 1 150 miles 25%  Back Lane Car Park, YO51 9PQ
Stop 2  119 miles 21% Morrisons Catcliffe, S60 5TR
Stop 3 117 miles 22% Lidl Milton Keynes, MK10 7AP
Destination 4 miles 52% Glasshouse St, London, W1B 5DQ



Fantasy TV Road Trip

Total length: 727 miles

Estimated time taken: 16 hours 10 minutes

EV Charge Stops:


If your TV shows of choice feature witches, dragons and other fantastical creatures, we’ve got you covered in this next road trip. Stretching 727 miles, each episode of this trip will have you gripped from start to finish.

1. The Dark Hedges, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Show: Game of Thrones

Scene: King’s Road

Address: BT53 8PX

Think of a setting in Game of Thrones and chances are, King’s Road will be one of the first to spring to mind. This eerie and atmospheric avenue is actually The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland. It’s flanked by ancient trees which were planted by the Stuart family in the 18th century. One of the most memorable scenes featuring the avenue is when Arya Stark dressed as a boy escapes in a caravan.

2. Doune Castle, Scotland

Show: Game of Thrones

Scene: Winterfell Castle

Address: FK16 6EA

The only Scottish filming location used during production, Doune Castle features as Winterfell, the ancestral home of the Stark family, in the hit TV show. Winterfell changed ownership throughout the show, but the castle now offers dedicated Game of Thrones tours for die-hard fans. 

3. Gordale Scar, Yorkshire, England

Show: The Witcher

Scene: Ciri and Geralt fight the Myriapod monster

Address: Malham, Skipton, BD23 4DL

Gordale Scar features in episode three of series two of Netflix’s The Witcher. In the episode, the limestone ravine is first used as a hiding place for Ciri after Geralt tells her to flee the Myriapod. As the scene progresses, we see more of the waterfall as the battle between Geralt and Ciri and the Myriapod intensifies!

4. Bulstrode Park, Gerrards Cross, England

Show: Good Omens

Scene: St Beryl’s Convent

Address: SL9 8SZ

Fans of Good Omens will enjoy this stop on the road trip, as Bulstrode Park in Buckinghamshire was used as the setting for St Beryl’s Convent, home to the Chattering Order of Satanic Nuns. 

5. Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London

Show: Sandman

Scene: Great Hall of Dream’s palace

Address: SW7 5BD

Given the grandeur of the Natural History Museum, it’s easy to see why it was chosen to be the setting for the Great Hall of Dream’s palace in the Sandman TV show. While much of the interior was CGI, there’s no mistaking the grand entrance hall from the small screen.

6. Frensham Little Pond, Surrey, England

Show: The Witcher

Scene: Throughout

Address: GU10 2QB

In the Middle Ages, Frensham Little Pond and Frensham Great Pond were built to provide fish for the Bishop of Winchester’s Estate. Fast forward a few hundred years and it’s used as the backdrop for many scenes in Netflix’s popular The Witcher series. 

Coming soon…The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power

There are talks that the second series will be filmed in Scotland rather than New Zealand for the first time ever… 

  Miles Between Charge Remaining Address
Stop 1 197 miles 21% Castleview Low Carbon Hub, FK9 4TW
Stop 2 117 miles 22% Smiths at Gretna Green, DG16 5EA
Stop 3 100 miles 31% 60-46 King Street, BB7 9SP
Stop 4 112 miles 25% The Bull’s Head, WS14 0JR
Stop 5 109 miles 26% Shell Recharge Budgens Yeading, UB5 6LN
Destination 47 miles 50% Churt, Farnham, GU10 2QB



Period Drama Road Trip

Total length: 658 miles

Estimated time taken: 13 hours 53 minutes

EV Charge Stops: 5


Bridgerton, Downton Abbey, The Crown. This next road trip reads like a who's who of period TV dramas. Get the staff to fetch the carriage and head off on this 658-mile historical adventure.

1. Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Show: The Crown

Scene: The Balmoral Test

Address: AB35 5TB

Much of the hit TV series The Crown is centered around Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. While we’ve included the real castle in our road trip, Balmoral Castle scenes in the show were actually shot elsewhere. Exterior scenes were filmed at Ardverikie House - which is around 80 miles away from the castle itself - while Knebworth House in Hertfordshire and Hedsor House in Buckinghamshire were used for interior shots. 

2. Castle Howard, North Yorkshire, England

Show: The Great

Scene: Catherine plays bowls

Address: YO60 7DA

As you visit North Yorkshire’s Castle Howard, you may recognise the majestic Atlas Fountain from The Great. The fountain, which depicts Atlas carrying Earth on his shoulders, is featured in the scene where Catherine is introduced to the ladies of court while playing bowls.

3. Lincoln Castle, Lincoln, England

Show: Downton Abbey

Scene: John Bates in York Prison

Address: LN1 3AA

In season three of Downton Abbey, viewers are led to believe that John Bates is locked up in York Prison; however, that’s not quite the case! The scene was actually shot at Lincoln Castle which is one of the oldest filming locations to feature in the show. 

If its Downton connections weren’t enough of a reason to visit, the castle is also home to the Magna Carta, which dates back to 1215!

4. Ranger’s House, London, England

Show: Bridgerton

Scene: The Bridgerton London family home

Address: SE10 8QX

Ranger’s House in London is depicted as the Bridgerton family home in the hit Netflix series. The Georgian mansion was used for exterior shots, while interior filming was done elsewhere. Before filming began, the crew spent three days transforming the front of the home, including adding the custom-made wisteria that has become synonymous with the building!

5. Syon Park Conservatory, London, England

Show: Bridgerton

Scene: Lady Danbury’s Ball

Address: TW8 8JF

The Great Conservatory at Syon Park features in Bridgerton as the romantic setting for Lady Danbury’s ball. This isn’t the conservatory’s first screen appearance, with its magnificent metal and glass architecture creating a majestic backdrop for period dramas such as Belgravia, Vanity Fair and more.

6. Highclere Castle, Hampshire, England

Show: Downton Abbey

Scene: Throughout

Address: RG20 9RN

A period drama road trip calls for a majestic ending, so what better way to finish your journey than by seeing Downton Abbey in the flesh? The impressive Victorian Highclere Castle in Hampshire has been the filming spot for the show’s title location since 2010. It’s open to the public, so you can experience life at Downton Abbey first-hand (although we recommend checking opening times before you visit).

  Miles Between Charge Remaining Address
Stop 1 152 miles 25% Belstane Avenue Car Park, ML12 6TW
Stop 2 112 miles 25% DCC Galgate Car Park, DL12 8EP
Stop 3 111 miles 25% Ferrybridge Services, WF11 0AF
Stop 4 117 miles 22% Shell Starbucks Wittering, PE8 6HA
Stop 5 110 miles 25% 4 Power Road, W4 5YT
Destination 51 miles 55% Highclere Park, Newbury, RG20 9RN


There you have it: six amazing road trips to try, all of which can be done in your trusty EV. Epic sights, greener driving and the open road; what more could you ask for? If you’re thinking about switching your car for an EV, learn how much your car is worth at GoodBye Car. 

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