Most Searched For Questions Around Car MOT and Repairs

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Most Searched For Questions Around Car MOT and Repairs 

It is estimated that around 29% of Brits miss their MOT check before their current one expires, which can lead to plenty of potential problems in both the long and short term.

If you are caught driving without a valid MOT, then you can be fined up to £1000! This can increase up to £2500 if you are considered to be driving a dangerous car, as well as potentially landing you with 3 points on your licence.

The fact is that many people are unaware of this, but what else do the British public not know about their MOTs? We looked at search data to determine which questions people are asking – and provided our own answers.


When Is My MOT Due? - 57,562 searches

To find out if the MOT is due on your car, you can use the MOT Status Checker where you can enter your vehicle’s registration plate number. If your car is new, you’ll need to get an MOT test done before the third anniversary of its registration.


How Long Does An MOT Take? - 11,252 searches

On average, an MOT test in the UK takes between 45 and 60 minutes from start to finish. However, this can be longer if your car fails the test or there are complications that need to be looked into further.

You might find that the test centre keeps your car for the day, even though the test itself shouldn’t take more than an hour. So make sure you’ve planned to be without it.


How Much For An MOT? - 11,050 searches

The cost of your MOT will depend on the test centre you’ve chosen and the type of car or motorcycle that you have. There are maximum fees that MOT test stations can charge, which are £54.85 for a car and £39.65 for a standard motorcycle.

The price can rise to a maximum of £124.50 if you have a Class 5 vehicle with more than 16 passenger seats.


Is My Car MOT’d? - 7,754 searches

To check if your car currently has a valid MOT, you can use an online MOT status checker on either the website or sites like


What Does MOT Stand For? - 6,422 searches

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, the company responsible for creating the test in the first place, to determine whether or not a car was safe to be legally out on the roads. The actual Ministry of Transport doesn’t exist anymore in the present day, as it’s evolved into what we know now as the Department of Transport.


What Is An MOT In The UK? - 4,397 searches

An MOT is a test that vehicles in the UK have to undergo annually to make sure that they’re legally roadworthy. The testers in the garage will look at various parts of your car to make sure all is in order. It’s not just for safety though, as they also test whether the vehicle meets environmental and exhaust emissions standards.


What Is Checked On An MOT? - 1,743 searches

The following parts of your car will be checked during an MOT:


-        Bodywork

-        Boot

-        Doors

-        Lights

-        Reg Plate

-        Towbar

-        Tyres

-        Windscreen and Wipers

-        Wing Mirrors

-        Horn

-        Seats

-        Seatbelts and Airbags

-        Bonnet

-        Brakes

-        Steering

-        Suspension

-        Exhaust System

-        Fuel System

-        Wiring and Battery

Can You Drive Without An MOT? - 1,233 searches

You should never drive your car without an MOT certificate in the UK as it is both illegal and unsafe to do so. By driving without an MOT, you are invalidating your insurance and you could be stopped by the police. You’re only allowed to drive directly to the MOT test garage if it has expired and nowhere else.

If you are caught driving without an MOT you could be fined up to £1000 and your vehicle can be impounded.


How Long Does An MOT Last? - 976 searches

An MOT will last for a year, and the date it runs out will be printed on your current MOT pass certificate. You can get your new MOT up to a month before the current one runs out.


How To Check MOT History? - 554 searches

The MOT history of a vehicle can be checked on the website, where you can find any passes/fails, the mileage recorded during the test, where each test took place, which parts (if any) either failed or had issues and when the next test is due.

These results are available for tests done in England, Scotland, or Wales since 2005.


How To Become An MOT Tester? - 530 searches

To train to be able to carry out an MOT test in the UK by taking an MOT tester qualification course, and passing a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency MOT demonstration test. After these steps have been taken, you can then start carrying out MOT tests at an authorised testing station.


MOT testing courses require you to:


●       Have a full UK driver’s licence

●       Have at least 4 years of experience as a mechanic in full-time employment

●       Have no unspent convictions for criminal offences


After qualifying, you’ll need to take training and an assessment each year to carry on being eligible.


Can You Insure A Car Without MOT? - 483 searches

You can legally insure your car without an MOT, but it will have to be declared roadworthy to be fit to drive. Many insurance policies do claim that your insurance will not be valid if you do not have a valid MOT.

To drive your car anywhere, including your MOT test appointment, then you will need car insurance otherwise you can be fined £100 for driving without insurance.


What Do I Need For An MOT? - 381 searches

In years gone by you may have needed to take several items with you to your MOT appointment, such as the vehicle registration logbook and previous MOT certificate, but now the test centre can access all of the relevant documentation online. That being said, you may want to take the aforementioned documentation anyway just in case.


How To Book An MOT? - 324 searches

You’ll need to make sure that you use an approved MOT test centre, with only centres that show the blue sign with 3 white triangles being able to carry out an MOT.

To book your test, contact your chosen MOT centre from a list of over 600 in the UK either online or over the phone.


Is Airbag Light An MOT Failure? - 212 searches

The airbags will be checked during the MOT test, and if the airbag warning light is on then it is considered a major reason for the testers to fail your MOT, as it is a direct threat to your safety. The problem will need to be repaired before your vehicle can pass.


Is Engine Management Light An MOT Failure? - 198 searches

Yes, the engine management light being on after the engine has been started is also a reason to fail your MOT, as it is now considered to be a major fault. The issue will need to be investigated and repaired before the MOT can be passed.


Is A Cracked Windscreen An MOT Failure? - 166 searches

If your windscreen is cracked, it could be enough to fail its MOT. The maximum ‘acceptable’ size of the damage is 10mm when in the drivers’ line of vision, or 40mm elsewhere. Even a small chip in the windscreen could cause an MOT fail, and would need to be repaired or replaced before the test can be passed.


Do You Get Points For No MOT? - 104 searches

Being caught driving without an MOT can lead to big consequences, with massive fines of up to £1000 possible. You could also get 3 penalty points each if you are driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition, which has defective brakes, illegal tyres, and defective steering. 


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