Selling a Damaged Car

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If your car is not in the best condition, you may be worried about selling it. The good news is that GoodBye Car makes it easy!

Our Selling A Car guide shows you the steps you need to take if you are selling a car, but selling a damaged car can be a bit different. You will still need to decide if you want to sell privately or to a dealer. Selling privately may be harder with a damaged car, however selling to GoodBye Car is easy!


Can I sell a damaged car?

You can still sell your car even if it is damaged, but the valuation will be significantly lower. To get a true valuation, you should disclose any and all damage to us, as if the car is deemed to be not as described you may not get the valuation you were quoted.

During the valuation process you will be asked to rate the condition of your vehicle from excellent to poor. A vehicle with an excellent rating may have very minor interior and exterior defects that require SMART repairs, i.e. minor scratches or dents. A vehicle with a poor rating may have known mechanical defaults, be un-roadworthy or a non-runner.

Please note that vehicles in this class may be uneconomical to appraise due to extensive damage both from a damage and mechanical perspective.

Your online valuation is subject to the car being deemed as described by a member of our sales team. Our online appraisal process takes less than 45 seconds, and you can do this below. We also beat any like for like appraised quote by £100!

Where can I sell my damaged car?

You can still sell your damaged car privately, or to a dealer such as GoodBye Car. You may also want to consider Gumtree, Facebook, putting ‘for sale’ in the car window, selling it for parts, or selling it to a scrap yard or junkyard.

You can find what documents you need to sell your car, and we also have guides on selling a car with a private plate and selling a car on finance. If you have any questions, GoodBye Car will be happy to help!

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