Selling A Modified Car

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Selling a Modified Car

Choosing to modify your car is a decision that is often brought on by a want to create something unique. Replacing certain parts can give your vehicle a personal feel which can’t be found with the factory edition.

In some cases, having a personalised car can add extra interest and value in the vehicle. However, it can also make selling it at the end of your term a little bit more difficult.


What is a Car Modification?

When the phrase ‘car modification’ is used, things such as neon lights and sound systems often come to mind, but what actually classes as a modification?

The following are just a few of the modifications that you can make to your car:


-         Alloy wheels

-         Adding a sunroof

-         New seats or upholstery changes

-         Paint jobs

-         Suspension upgrades

-         Turbochargers or superchargers

-         Tinted windows


Some of these potential modifications will only be temporary and you can look at removing them before selling, but others will be very difficult to revert back to their original state.

Things to Consider Before Modifying Your Car



Before you go through with modifying your car, you’ll need to consider how it will affect your insurance. The insurance company will automatically assume your vehicle is just the standard model, so you’ll need to tell them exactly what modifications you have made, or that you are going to make.

If you don’t, you’re running the risk that the insurance company will not pay out, should an accident occur.



When you bought your car, it’ll have come with a warranty from the manufacturer. If you decide to add unique modifications to your model, it may in fact void the warranty. This will be especially painful if your car is pretty new, so it’s important to consider the effect that voiding the warranty may have before you act.


Make Sure It’s Safe

Getting modifications done to your car can be exciting, but you’ll need to make sure that any changes you make are all above board and that the car will still be 100% safe to drive. Ensure that you trust the professionals doing the modifications and then get a secondary check from a separate mechanic after the work has been completed.

This step is especially relevant if the modifications were done to the engine or suspension.

If there is damage to the car but you're still looking to sell then read our guide to selling damaged cars.


Is It Still Reliable?

If the modifications have an effect or add a strain to the engine or other important parts, this could affect the car’s reliability in the long run. This will cause you quite a few issues when you look to sell, as it will both put potential buyers off and lower the value of the vehicle.


How To Sell a Modified Car

As modifications are likely to vastly reduce the buyer base for the vehicle in question, your best bet is likely to use a quick and easy online selling service such as GoodBye Car to get a great deal as well as taking all the hassle out of the selling process.

The first step to take is to find out how much your car is worth using our free and easy car valuation tool. Just enter your car’s reg plate number and get your instant modified car valuation emailed to you within a matter of minutes. If you then want to proceed with the sale, you can book an appointment to sell your car to us.

You will have an opportunity to tell us of any modifications you have made to the car during the online process, as well as the in-person appointment. If you don’t let us know then the quote may be inaccurate and thus void.   

Tips on how to sell a car in general can be found in the GoodBye Car Guides section.

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