Who Can I Sell My Car To

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Who Can I Sell My Car To?

Selling your car can be stressful if you don’t know the ins and outs of the process or how much to expect for your vehicle. One of the biggest pain points is knowing who to sell your car to. While some people might want as much money as possible for their car, others may just want to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

In this guide, we explore who you can sell your vehicle to and what the best options would be for you.


Trading In

You can trade-in your existing vehicle to a dealer that you're planning on buying your new car from. By trading it in, the value of your vehicle will contribute to paying off your new one, making your new car less expensive. Any remaining money left over you'll have to pay.

This is a relatively easy and simple process however you might not always get the best price for the car you’re trading in.


Selling to a Car Dealer

Many dealers will buy your car for cash even if you’re not planning on trading it in at the same place to buy a new vehicle. Selling to a dealer will likely get you less money on the sale than other options, just make sure you do some research on how much it is worth and that it is ready to be inspected when you take it to your chosen dealer. Find out how you can sell your car to a dealer.


Selling Privately

Selling your car yourself is probably one of the most strenuous options but it allows you to try to get the highest price for your car. This is however time-consuming and doesn't come with a guarantee. You might waste time and then end up using one of the other options as a last resort.

You can use our free car valuation tool to get an estimate of how much your car is so that it isn’t priced too low or even too high that you drive interested customers away. This only takes a few seconds by using your car’s registration plate. Read our guide on how to sell your car and the documents that you’ll need.

Online Auction

If you're looking for a quick sale or have struggled to sell privately, selling at an auction can be a great idea. Your car will be inspected, and any damage valued before it will be viewed by potential bidders. Auctioneers will try and get as much money as possible for your car as it is in their best interest, so taking their advice on a price you don't want to go below (reserve price) is a good idea.

You can pull out of the auction if it doesn't suit what you're looking for unless you accept an offer, in that case, the sale will occur.


Sell With GoodBye Car

When you choose to sell your vehicle with GoodBye Car, you’ll get a quick and easy sale at a fair price – you can even sell your damaged car to us. There are many reasons to choose GoodBye Car, including:


●       We are part of the Peter Vardy family. Peter Vardy is a well-trusted and reputable family specialising in the automotive industry for 15 years.

●       Free valuations take seconds.

●       We don’t include hidden fees in our pricing. What you see is the final price we give.

●       Payment is fast and secure and will be sent on the next working day of the sale.

●       A hassle-free and simple process to get you the best price quickly.

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