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The Fiat 500 is a car with a lot of history. Released in 1957 by Italian automaker, Fiat, the small city car has been on our roads for over 60 years. The most recent iteration that we know today was released in 2007 and is similar to the likes of the Vauxhall Corsa, Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1


Why sell my Fiat 500 with GoodBye Car?

If it’s time to sell your Fiat 500, GoodBye Car will likely be the best option for you. The process couldn’t be easier; you just tell us about your car using our free valuation tool and we’ll send you a quote in under 60 seconds.

Once you're ready to sell your car to us, we’ll send your payment over securely and it’ll be in your bank in the next working day. 

Furthermore, you’ll avoid the hassle of private selling - people wasting your time, haggling over price and worrying about when payments will be sent. You’ll get more than if you were to part-exchange it and can even negotiate a better deal on a new vehicle by having more money available to put down.


Selling your Fiat 500 takes you just three simple steps:

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Book an inspection of your car at one of our locations in Scotland.

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We’ll send you your payment within one working day.

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