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Selling your car takes time and effort, and it’s usually the last thing you want to do after a long day at work. So why not make the whole process simple and stress-free with GoodBye Car?

If you’re looking to sell your Ford C-Max car, use our free car valuation tool and get a quote in under 60 seconds. All you’ll need to do is input a few details and your car’s registration. No hidden costs, just a realistic valuation for your current car.

You have time to make sure it’s right for you and there is no pressure from our team. 


How to sell my Ford C-Max with GoodBye Car

We’re part of the Peter Vardy group, so our team has extensive valuation experience. You’ll find a breakdown of how it works below, but it’s super simple and easy to understand:

Value your Ford C-Max

Get a price for your Ford C-Max in seconds with our online tool.

Make an appointment

We’ll need to inspect your Ford C-Max but we’ll do so at a time that’s best for you at one of our locations around Scotland.

Complete your sale

The money for your car will be with you in the next working day. 

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