Selling My Car With No MOT

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Selling my car with no MOT

MOTs are essential for a reason – they make sure every vehicle on the road is up to scratch and completely safe to drive. You must have an MOT test every year after it reaches three years of age. Of course, it can be daunting when we wait to hear whether our wallets will be drained from repairs or not, however, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with an expired MOT. If you’re looking to sell your car with a failed or expired MOT, you might be unsure whether it’s worth forking out money for something that you’re not going to keep.


Is it legal to sell a car without an MOT?

Yes, it is legal – it might just be hard to find a buyer like when selling a damaged car. Make sure the buyer is aware of the current state of the vehicle and what it needs to be legal for the roads.


How to sell my car without an MOT

When selling your car, there are two major challenges that you and the buyer must consider. Without a valid MOT certificate, the vehicle cannot be driven. The driver can face up to a £2,500 fine and unlimited penalty points. It’s also worth noting that driving without a valid MOT means the insurance cover is void, which means they can be liable for any damages incurred in an accident.

The buyer will have to make arrangements for the vehicle to be transported as well as pay for future repayments if they plan on paying to get it fixed. Find out what to do with car insurance when selling a car.


Where can I sell my car without an MOT?

You can sell your car to private buyers or businesses, including GoodBye Car. Find out how much your car is valued with our free valuation tool.

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