Selling A Car With No Road Tax

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Road tax is a tax which is to be paid on a car to use it on a public road. It is known by various names around the world.


Can I sell my car with no road tax?

Road tax is now non-transferrable, so when you sell your vehicle, your tax does not go with it. It is down to you to declare the sale of your vehicle with the DVLA. Then, it is the responsibility of the new owner to register the vehicle as theirs and begin paying the road tax immediately.

Can I sell my car if it is SORN?

You can technically sell your car with no road tax. Find out how much your car is worth at GoodBye Car. You can avoid road tax by storing your vehicle in a garage or on a drive and declaring it as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) because your car is not being used on public roads. You can still drive on private land if your vehicle is declared as SORN.

You can find out more about selling a car with our guide, and we can also help with selling a damaged car or selling a car on finance. If you have any questions, GoodBye Car will be happy to help!

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