Selling A Cat A Car

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Selling a Cat A Car

If your car has been involved in an accident in the UK, it can be written off and given one of four categories by your insurance company.

Cars are written off if they are either unsafe to return to the road or the vehicle has been damaged to the extent that it would cost more to repair than the car is worth.

This particular guide will be taking a look at Category A cars, and what it means.


What is a Category A Car?

The four categories insurance companies given written off cars are: A, B, N and S.

Category A write-off cars are those that have suffered the worst and most severe structural damage. They have been damaged so badly to the point of no repair.

The chassis and the bodyshell of the car are likely to have been badly damaged in the accident or even burnt out in a fire.

Whatever remains of the car will need to be completely scrapped. Unlike some other ratings such as Cat B cars, none of the parts can be sold off and used in other vehicles. The entire thing must be destroyed, with a certificate of destruction being issued to you.

How Do I Check If My Car is a Category A Write Off?

If you’re unsure whether your car may have been written off and given Cat A status in the past, a detailed vehicle HPI check can provide you with the information you will need.


Is It Legal To Sell a Category A Car?

No, if a car is given Category A status then it must be completely scrapped and can’t be sold on either with all of the parts in tact or as the parts themselves.


Can I Drive a Category A Car?

Again it’s a no, as it’s illegal to drive a Cat A car that has been previously written off.


Selling To GoodBye Car

If your car hasn’t been written off or given a Category A status, you can sell the vehicle right here at GoodBye Car. All you have to do is use our free car valuation tool and enter your registration number.

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