Selling A Cat S Car

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Selling a Cat S Car

If you are looking to sell your car, it can sometimes be a pretty straightforward process. However, if your car has been previously written off by an insurance company, things can become a little bit more complex.

When selling your car privately, it can be difficult to shift a car if it has been classed as a ‘Category S’ vehicle. But what exactly does this mean? GoodBye Car are here with all of the answers.

Of course, selling your car with us instead of privately can save you a lot of time and money. Simply enter your reg number and get a free car valuation online in seconds.


What is a Category S Car?

Whenever a car is written off in the UK, they are given one of four categories by the insurance company depending on the extent of the damage that the vehicle has suffered.

These four categories are: A, B, N and S. A is for the most severe damage, but it’s not the one we’re focusing on today.

A ‘Cat S’ car will have suffered some kind of structural damage during a collision or accident, and the insurance company have determined that it would not make financial sense for them to repair the damage. Thus, it’s now classed as written off.

After the car has been written off, the insurance company will, in many cases, sell it for either salvage or spare parts. In some cases, the car will be bought and repaired, but then sold on to a new owner. Depending on the quality of the repair job, the car should then be fine to drive as normal. It is worth emphasising that there is risk involved, just in case the repairs weren’t back to the manufacturer’s standard.

One thing that is for sure is that the value of a car that’s been written off as a Category S vehicle will be lower than a car of the same make and model that has never been written off or suffered any damage. Typically, the sale value will be around 20% to 40% less than usual.  

Is It Legal To Sell a Category S Car?

Yes, as long as the vehicle’s status has been officially declared, it is perfectly legal to sell a ‘Cat S’ car. If the status has not been declared, any new owner of the car could be able to sue the seller for any damages, if a suitable status declaration is not forthcoming.


What To Do When Selling a Category S Car

It should go without saying that trying to sell a car that’s been written off is not as easy as selling one that’s not had a scratch on it. When buying a car, people would tend to avoid paying for one that’s been tarred with the ‘written off’ brush.

If you’re on the selling side in a private transaction, you’ll have to bear in mind that you’re likely going to have to settle for a bit less than you would usually expect to get for your car.

The likelihood is that the buyer will also request for the car to be inspected by a third-party, which you may have to cover the cost of, just to prove that the damage has indeed been fully repaired.  

The new prospective owner is likely to pay more to insure the car too, which could lead to them wanting to pay a bit less to buy the car outright. Obviously, this would mean a reduced fee for you, as the seller.


Can I Sell My Cat S Vehicle With GoodBye Car?

If your car has been written off and given a Category S title, we will still consider buying your vehicle. All you will have to do is to use our free car valuation tool and input your car’s registration number.

You’ll then be asked to rate the condition of your vehicle from excellent to poor, and you’ll also have the opportunity to tell us of any damage and that your vehicle is a ‘Cat S’ car. Then it’s just a case of booking your appointment at one of our 7 GoodBye Car locations, where you can then sell your car to us on the day.

Please note that all cars are subject to an inspection before a sale is confirmed.

Find out how much your car is worth today with GoodBye Car, and take all of the hassle out of selling your vehicle.

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