Selling A Cat B Car

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Selling a Cat B Car

Selling your vehicle privately can be made a much more difficult task if it has been previously written off. In this guide, we’re taking a look at what it means if your car has been given ‘Category B’ status, and how this may affect the selling process.

As ever, if your car has not been involved in an accident, selling it with us instead of privately could indeed save you a lot of time, hassle and money. All you have to do for a quote is to enter your reg number and find out how much your car is worth in seconds.


What is a Category B Car?

If a car is written off in the UK, it will be given one of four categories by the insurance company, which depends on how much damage the vehicle has sustained.

These four categories are: A, B, N and S. A is for the most severe damage, but it’s not the one we’re focusing on today.

If your car has been placed into Category B, it means the vehicle has suffered a severe level of damage to the point where it can’t be repaired.

What remains of the car is then free to be stripped for parts in order to use on other vehicles, but not the bodyshell or chassis. These must both be scrapped completely as they may have suffered irreparable damage and may be unsafe to use on other cars.

It seems like an obvious point, but the value of a car that has been give Cat B status is generally less than a car that has not suffered any structural damage.

Is It Legal To Sell a Category B Car?

If your car has Cat B status, it can’t then be sold as a sold car, due to the chassis and frame needing to be destroyed. That being said, all other non-structural parts can be removed and then sold either as individual parts or used as a repair project.


Can I Drive a Cat B Car?

Due to the nature of the damage it will have suffered, a Category B car can’t be returned to the road and it’s illegal to drive one on public roads in the UK. As mentioned though, certain parts can be used on other vehicles.


Can a Cat B Car Be Repaired?

Unlike some other categories, a Category B car cannot be repaired and put back onto the road.


Can a Category B Car Be Insured?

As it is illegal for a Cat B car to be driven on UK roads, no insurance company will offer a quote to insure the car after it has been written off.


Who Will Buy a Category B Car?

Cat B cars tend to be bought by vehicle breakers, as they are after the parts to either sell individually or to people who are looking for their next repair project.


Selling Your Vehicle With GoodBye Car

If your car hasn’t been written off or given a Category B status, we will consider buying your vehicle. Simply use our free car valuation tool and enter your car’s registration number.

You’ll then be asked to rate the condition of your vehicle from excellent to poor. After that, you can book your appointment at one of our 8 GoodBye Car locations around Scotland, where you can then sell your car to us on the day.

Please note that all cars are subject to an inspection before a sale is confirmed.

Find out how much your car is worth today with an instant car quote at GoodBye Car, and take all of the stress out of selling your vehicle.

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