Used Car Price Guide

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Used Car Price Guide

It goes without saying that when you’re looking to sell your car, whether it’s online or otherwise, you want a fair valuation on how much the vehicle is worth.

This information will allow you to know what a fair price is so that you can decide how much you are willing to take once someone offers to buy it.

As is often the case with private sales, buyers will not want to pay over the odds for a used car and they’ll look to get what they consider to be a ‘bargain’ deal through trying to haggle and negotiate the price. The seller, of course, will want to get the most they can for the car but the agreement is usually somewhere in between and is close to the fair and accurate valuation.

Deciding on an exact price is quite difficult as two used cars are never the same, there will always be differences due to numerous factors such as miles on the clock, unique service history, and set of owners.


How Much is My Used Car Worth?

Find out exactly how much your used car is worth is by using the GoodBye Car free valuation tool. It’s simple and easy to use, taking the following steps:

  1. Enter your car’s unique vehicle registration number to start the process.
  2. We will then email you with a free and instant valuation in just a few minutes.
  3. Then, book your appointment to sell your used car at one of our GoodBye Car locations.

The price that we will offer you for your used car will depend on several factors that you can outline as part of the sale process. The main consideration points are the age of the car, its mileage and the overall condition. Other considerations include whether it’s petrol, diesel or EV and less mechanical reasons like the time of year or region you’re selling in.

What Can Increase My Used Car’s Value?

Several factors can contribute to increasing the overall value of your used car, such as:

  • Modifications: Unique modifications to your car, if done well, can make it more valuable. This may include things like alloy wheels and multimedia systems.
  • No Damage: It seems pretty obvious, but if your car hasn’t suffered any damage other than natural wear and tear, it’ll be worth more than a car that has sustained damage. We have a guide to help if you're selling a damaged car or selling a car for parts.
  • Full Service History: If your car has a complete record of all services it has undergone, it can be worth more than a car that has gaps in its history.
  • Colour: Believe it or not, the colour of your car can affect its value. If your car is painted in a more sought after or rarer colour, it could be worth more.


What Can Decrease My Used Car’s Value?

On the other hand, the following factors could harm your used car or van’s value.

  • A Lot of Previous Owners: It is usually the case that the fewer owners there are, the more a car is worth. Being sold multiple times can reduce the value.
  • Broken Parts: If there are parts of your car that are faulty, such as an electric window or the air conditioning unit, the car is likely to be worth less.
  • Significant Wear and Tear: If your car has more wear and tear than is to be expected for its age, the value is likely to be brought down.
  • No MOT: If your car has missed an MOT or there are big gaps in the service records, it may also be worth less. Read our guide for help selling a car without an MOT.


Sell Your Used Car With GoodBye Car

Providing that you have owned the car for at least 3 months, you can sell your car with us. Got a van to sell? We buy all types of vans as well.

Your quote will be subject to an inspection by our sales team. Take all the hassle out of the selling process and we’ll get you a fair price, fast!

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