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Owning a Land Rover is all about adventure, however, when it comes to selling one, you want to ensure you take cautious steps to get the best price for your vehicle. At GoodBye Car we aim to provide a quick and easy process for selling your car.


How To Sell My Land Rover?

It could not be easier to sell your Land Rover to us. Whether you are looking to sell a Discovery, Defender, Range Rover Sport or Evoque, we can buy any model you have.

First, you will need to enter your registration into our free online valuation tool, answering each of the questions as accurately as possible.

If you are happy with the price, then you simply need to book an appointment at one of six of our Goodbye Car locations around Scotland including Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

There is no obligation to sell your car at the appointment.

First time seller, or just need some help? Read our online guides on how to sell a car, selling a car on behalf of someone else or selling a car without a v5 certificate.


When Should I Sell My Land Rover?

Knowing when the best time is to sell your Land Rover can be difficult, as so many factors come into play when deciding the value of a car. Here are five crucial aspects that can affect how much your car is worth:

  1. Mileage – Low mileage vehicles often sell for larger sums than those with high mileage, as there is generally less wear and tear.
  2. Condition – Vehicles that are in good condition and have no damage will have a higher value than those that have been damaged.
  3. Seasonality – Some types of cars can have a higher value at certain times in the year. For example, SUVs have a higher value in the winter as that’s when interest in them is at its highest.
  4. Previous Owners – As a general rule, cars that have fewer previous owners tend to hold onto their value a bit easier. 
  5. Modifications – If your car has had modifications such as alloy wheels or infotainment systems, it’s likely that these modifications will reduce the value of your car.
    If the time is right for you to sell your Audi, use the GoodBye Car valuation tool to get a free valuation in minutes.

Why Choose Goodbye Car?

We’re fully aware that when you have decided to sell your Land Rover online, you want both a great price and the least hassle. 

  • Enter your reg number and get a free valuation within under 60 seconds.
  • Receive a quote via email.
  • The payment is fast and secure, with the money in your account within one working day.
  • No hidden fees.
  • We remove the stress of selling your car online.

If you have any specific questions about the GoodBye Car service, check out our vehicle valuation FAQs, where your question may have already been answered. 

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