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Citroen is a French automobile manufacturer founded by Andre Citroen in 1919. The Citroen Traction Avant was the first car to be mass produced with four wheel drive, proving to be extremely forward thinking for its time. The brand is well known for its innovative and revolutionary ideas as well as their reliable sturdy cars. Citroen set standards in the industry for handling, ride quality, braking, and its advancements in the aerodynamics of the car’s body.


How To Sell Your Citroen

We understand that if you want to sell your Citroen, you want to sell it to a trusted source. Whether you have a C3 or a Berlingo, we can buy any model you have. GoodBye Car is a professional car business that makes selling your Citroen easy.

Enter your Citroen’s vehicle registration plate and get your free, instant valuation emailed to you in under 60 seconds. You can then book your appointment and sell your Citroen to us. We understand that sometimes plans change, so there is no obligation to sell your car at the appointment.

We understand that if you want to sell your Citroen, you want to sell it to a trusted source. We make selling cars online or in person simple.

First time seller or just need help selling your car? Read our guide to selling cars online.

When you're ready to sell book at an appointment at one of our 6 dealerships in Scotland.


What Affects The Value Of Your Citroen?

There are several factors that can affect the valuation of your car or van. For example, if you own a Citroen convertible, it’s likely to be worth more in the summer months, when these types of cars are more in demand, with the opposite true for the winter. Other aspects that can affect value include condition, previous owners and if it’s had any modifications. 

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