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British car manufacturer Vauxhall Motors Limited is based in Bedfordshire, England. Vauxhall marque is a sister brand of Opel and both have been owned by Stellantis since 2021. Founded in 1857 by Alexander Wilson, it was later bought in 1863 by Andrew Betts Brown who named the company Vauxhall Iron Works. Vauxhall has produced some of the most popular cars on the road today, including the Victor and the Corsa. Their reputation as a dependable reliable car company precedes them. 

How To Sell Your Vauxhall

We understand that if you want to sell your Vauxhall, you want to sell it to a trusted source. Whether you have a Mokka or an Astra, we can buy any model you have. GoodBye Car is a professional car business that makes selling your Vauxhall easy.

Enter your Vauxhall’s registration plate and get your free, instant valuation for your car emailed to you under 60 seconds. You can then book your appointment and sell your Vauxhall to us. We understand that sometimes plans change, so there is no obligation to sell your car at the appointment. 

We understand that if you want to sell your Vauxhall, you want to sell it to a trusted source. We make selling cars simple.

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When To Sell Your Vauxhall

You can always check our free valuation tool to find out how much your Vauxhall is worth, but it’s a good step to know what may affect the price of your car, such as:

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