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Volkswagen remain one of the most popular manufacturers of automobiles on the planet, and their sales have gone from strength to strength over time. As the flagship brand of the wider Volkswagen Group, they had the most overall worldwide sales in both 2016 and 2017, just falling behind Toyota in recent years.

Running operations from their headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen manufacture their vehicles from several countries worldwide, including China, India, Mexico, Spain, the United States, and many more.

Volkswagen are probably best known for their supremely popular Beetle model. A unique and iconic design, the Beetle has been a favourite of car enthusiasts for decades. In the present day, it’s the Tiguan that is the best-selling model, followed by the likes of the Polo and Golf.

How To Sell My Volkswagen?

Selling your Volkswagen is a very easy process through the experts at GoodBye Car. We realise that selling a car can be a confusing process, and that quite often you will find yourself dealing with timewasters, particularly if you try to sell privately.

Luckily, we’ve taken the hassle out of selling your Volkswagen online. Simply follow these three simple steps today:

  1. Enter your Volkswagen’s registration number into the GoodBye Car free online car valuation tool.
  2. You’ll then receive an email with our valuation of your car within 3 minutes.
  3. Book an appointment at one of our seven GoodBye Car locations around Scotland, where you can then sell your car to us.

Which Models of Volkswagen Can I Sell?

The great news is that we buy all models of Volkswagen. So, if you are wondering how much your Volkswagen is worth, we will provide you with a valuation for your car or van within minutes. Here are some of the more popular Volkswagen models in the UK:

  • Volkswagen Tiguan
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Volkswagen Polo
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Volkswagen Passat

No matter the model or the age of your Volkswagen, we’ll give you a quote via our free valuation tool.


When Should I Sell My Volkswagen?

Several factors come into play when considering the best time to sell your Volkswagen. The following factors can combine to determine how much your car is worth:

  1. Seasonality – Depending on the time of year, your car can alter in value. For example, if you have a Volkswagen SUV, the value will likely be higher in the winter, as these types of vehicles will be more in demand.
  2. Mileage – If your car has low mileage, it’s likely to have a higher value than a similar car with high mileage. This is because there is generally less wear and tear.
  3. Modifications – Cars with individual modifications generally have a lower value than cars without them. This includes things like an infotainment system or alloy wheels.
  4. Condition – It seems like an obvious point to make, but cars or vans that are in good general condition and have been well looked after will have a higher value than those that have been damaged.
  5. Previous Owners – If your vehicle has had few previous owners, the value is likely to be higher than if it has had many owners.

If you have decided that now is the perfect time to sell your Volkswagen, use the GoodBye Car valuation tool to get a free valuation in minutes.

Why Choose Goodbye Car?

Selling your car online can be an extremely stressful process. So, why not take the hassle out of it completely?

That’s exactly what you can do with GoodBye Car, making it the best place to sell your Volkswagen. 

  • Get a free valuation within 3 minutes of entering your registration number.
  • Open your email with a quote that’s guaranteed for 7 days.
  • Receive a fast and secure payment straight into your bank account within 3-5 working days.
  • You’ll never be stung by any hidden fees.

Several questions related to the service can be found on our car valuation FAQs page, where you can get a full picture of the process. For those unfamiliar with selling cars be sure to check our simple guide to selling cars online.

Car Brands We Buy

As well as buying all models of Volkswagen such as Polo and Golf, GoodBye Car also purchase vehicles from all of the top car manufacturers. For example, here are some brands we buy that are similar in nature to Volkswagen models:

  • Volvo – Own a Volvo S60 or V40? We will offer you a valuation for your Volvo no matter the model.
  • Toyota – Supremely popular worldwide, we buy all models of Toyota from a Yaris to a CH-R.
  • Ford – Another favourite, we will buy any Ford no matter the type, meaning you can sell your Ford Focus or Fiesta here. 

If you have any final questions about selling your Ford online with GoodBye Car, please feel free to contact us and we will answer your query.