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Fiat is an Italian car manufacturer founded in 1899 in Turin. They were previously part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles but since 2021 has been a subsidiary of Stellantis. Fiat vehicles are known worldwide for their iconic style as well as their reliability and great drivability. The largest automobile manufacturer in Italy, they were also the largest automobile manufacturer in Europe and third in the world until the late 1980s. Changing the world of compact cars forever due to their unmistakable body shape, nimble handling and fuel efficiency, Fiat is a brand that caters for the modern consumer.

How To Sell Your Fiat

We understand that if you want to sell your Fiat, you want to sell it to a trusted source. Whether you have a Panda or a 500, we can buy any model you have. GoodBye Car is a professional car business that makes selling your Fiat easy.

Enter your Fiat’s registration plate and get your free, instant valuation emailed to you in a matter of minutes. You can then book your appointment and sell your Fiat to us. We understand that sometimes plans change, so there is no obligation to sell your car at the appointment. Don't forget, you can also arrange a free home car valuation as well.

What Affects The Value Of Your Fiat?

Make sure to sell your Fiat at the right time, when its valuation will be at its highest. For example, if you have a convertible Fiat 500, you will be better off selling it during the summer months, as the demand for these types of cars will be higher, thus raising its valuation. Other factors such as mileage and condition also come into play. 

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